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The Aluminium Formwork System for concreting is probably the most versatile modern construction system. Unlike other systems it is equally suited to both high and low rise construction. Specifically designed to allow the rapid construction of multiple unit projects at optimum productivity, the aluminium formwork can be used for a broad range of applications, from straightforward panels to more complicated structures involving bay windows, stairs and A/C hoods. The degree of pre engineering and inherent simplicity of the aluminium formwork enables unskilled foreign labour to be used. Every component is light enough to be handled by one operative, minimising the need for heavy lifting equipment.

The Formwork is specifically designed to allow rapid construction on all types of architectural layouts.

Architectural details are incorporated during the design and manufacture of the aluminium panels and can be designed for any condition such as bay windows, stairs, balconies and special architectural features. The accurate regular dimensions achieved with the aluminium formwork system enable pre-fabrication of cast in items, door and window frames and electrical and mechanical components.