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Did you know that in New Zealand it is a legal requirement to have portable fencing erected when building a new home? From the very moment that construction commences all the way until lockup and beyond, you must have portable fencing present.

This law ensures that the portable fencing will keep debris contained during all excavation work, the general public is kept safe from any possible dangers, and your site is protected from unauthorised intrusions or theft.

Not sure who is responsible for portable fencing when building? If work is being completed through a builder, then check that portable fencing is included in your contract. If it isn’t, then question why as portable fencing is standard on most builder contracts.

If you are an owner builder, then you are responsible for your portable fencing. Since you are sourcing and paying, you may be wondering whether it’s better to buy or hire. While hiring portable fencing may seem like the most convenient option, the hidden costs and fees often far outweigh the benefits.

If you’ve built your own home, you’ll know that your work is never truly done – there’ll always be another project to take on. If you need to re-hire your portable fencing several times over, it can become expensive and inconvenient, especially when compared to the ease of having your own portable fencing on hand when needed.

Purchasing your own portable fencing also means you can complete your project in your own time – no worrying about extra fees or needing to re-hire fencing if your project takes longer than you initially thought.

Again, it is a legal requirement to have portable pool fencing present during the installation of your pool, especially if you are residing at the property.

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