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French doors, often called swing or hinged doors, provide a simple and beautiful solution for openings to the outside. Although there is no limit to the number of possible applications for aluminum french doors in NZ or the number of rooms in which they can be installed, we have included some of your favorite ones below to help you get started on your next home project or remodel.

  • Tight crevices:

Because French doors swing out from the center, they occupy less room overall. The fact that they’re hinged on both ends means the whole area they take up may be opened, making them perfect for narrow passageways.

Many dwellings, especially flats, smaller houses, and older homes, have narrower doors and windows, making creating an open floor plan challenging. Placing aluminum french doors in NZ may increase the amount of natural light entering your home and the amount of fresh air entering your home and give your home a more modern and elegant appearance.

  • Terrace and balcony:

While you may spend much time on your balcony, the door to it probably doesn’t get the same amount of love. You may significantly enhance the look and use of this space by installing aluminum french doors in NZ. Sliding aluminum French doors are an excellent choice to let in lots of natural light and enjoy a stunning view from your bedroom onto a terrace or rooftop.

  • Entrances and front doors:

These days, most front doors are works of art that enhance the decor without taking up too much room. Use aluminum french doors in NZ for a classy front entry if this is the style you’re going for. An aluminum french door style is ideal for enjoying the outdoors from the comfort of your living room, particularly if you have a nice patio and a well-kept yard. Aluminum is a durable metal, perfect for constructing substantial entry doors that provide sufficient protection for your home.

  • Shelters and warehouses:

Aluminum french doors in NZ are an excellent choice for storage rooms because of their portability and the fact that they allow the entire room to be opened without obstruction. This is especially true for large items needing help moving through a regular door or harming the paths of a bi-fold, stacking, or moving door. If you want to maximize your storage space, put the hinges on your french doors so they open outward.


Aluminum French doors, in addition to being a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, provide abundant natural light and save energy costs. French doors provide a smooth transition between rooms since they may open inward or outward.

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