Sliding Security Mesh Door


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Exemplifying security and versatility, the Security Mesh Door, constructed from premium aluminum alloy, features an intricate diamond-shaped mesh. This design not only fortifies security but also facilitates air circulation, making it an ideal choice for maintaining a comfortable environment. Moreover, the design minimizes the risk of mosquito intrusion and sharp object injuries. With advanced locking systems, it stands as a high-security solution for both residential and commercial spaces.


The above prices are for a single door panel. For two door panels, the price is 1.8 times that of a single panel.

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Size(Height x Width x Track length))

≤2000 x ≤860 x ≤2000, ≤2000 x 861-960 x ≤2500, 2001-2300 x ≤860 x ≤2000, 2001-2300 x 861-960 x ≤2500


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