Aluminium Louver 5.95M


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Aluminium Louver 5.95m per length

Aluminium louvers are architectural elements made of aluminum that feature angled slats or fins designed to control airflow, provide shading, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of buildings. They offer advantages such as durability, lightweight construction, corrosion resistance, and ease of installation. Aluminium louvers are commonly used in windows, facades, sunshades, and ventilation systems, allowing for adjustable airflow and natural light regulation while maintaining privacy and energy efficiency. They come in various styles, finishes, and configurations to suit different architectural designs and functional requirements.

NEWZ-95–45x10mm Mill Finish($36.8)/ Black($42.55)/ Ironsand&Cedar($56.58)
NEWZ-96–50x10mm Mill Finish($36.8)/ Black&Ironsand($46)/ Cedar&Wood($61.14)
NEWZ-07–91x10mm Mill Finish($69.3)/ Black&Ironsand($86.63)/ Cedar&Wood($115.58)
NEWZ-04–65x16mm Mill Finish($55.6)/ Black&Ironsand($63.83)/ Cedar&Wood($85.1)
NEWZ-09–90x17mm Mill Finish($77.4)/ Black&Ironsand($89.7)/ Cedar&Wood($119.6)
NEWZ-59–100×19.7mm Mill Finish($64.35)/ Black&Ironsand($96.6)/ Cedar&Wood($128.8)
NEWZ-93–115x17mm Mill Finish($96.21)/ Black&Ironsand($120.75)/ Cedar&Wood($161)
NEWZ-94–125x17mm Mill Finish($103.67)/ Black&Ironsand($129.95)/ Cedar&Wood($172.5)
NEWZ-05–107x16mm Mill Finish($74.52)/ Black&Ironsand($103.5)/ Cedar&Wood($138)
NEWZ-65–120×12.4mm Mill Finish($96.88)
NEWZ-06–120x20mm Mill Finish($91.08)/ Black&Ironsand($115)
NEWZ-70–150x23mm Mill Finish($108.47)/ Black&Ironsand($135.59)
NEWZ-102–200×34.5mm Mill Finish($220.8)/ Black&Ironsand($271.4)
NEWZ-97–80x50mm Mill Finish($139.44)
NEWZ-120–100X50mm Mill Finish($172.5)/ Black&Ironsand ($230)
NEWZ-98–150x50mm Mill Finish($205.6)/ Black&Ironsand($257)/ Cedar($291.26)
NEWZ-101–200x50mm Mill Finish($264.96)/ Black&Ironsand($331.2)/ Cedar($375.36)
NEWZ-100–250x50mm Mill Finish($374.26)/ Black&Ironsand ($467.82)/ Cedar ($530.2)
NEWZ-131–300x50mm Mill Finish($604.44)/ Black&Ironsand($685.04)
NEWZ-142–80.8x20mm Mill Finish($55.2)/ Black&Ironsand($69)
NEWZ-143–160.6x20mm Mill Finish($198.95)/ Black&Ironsand($243.8)

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100 x 50, 100×50, 115×17, 125×17, 150×23, 150×50, 200 x 50, 250 x 50, 45×10, 50×10, 80×50, 100 x 19.7, 160.6 x 20, 200 x 34.5, 300 x 50, 80.8 x 20, 107 x 16, 120 x 12.4, 120 x 20, 65 x 16, 90 x 17, 91 x 10


Antique Wood, Dark Cedar, Ironsand, Matt Black, Mill Finish


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